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Our cleaning company is also available for building cleaning such as:

Caretaker Service, window cleaning, removal cleaning and much more.

We are your partner for cleanliness and reliability!

The cleaning company Zurich-which quality implements and not only promises!

From maintenance cleaning, construction cleaning for maintenance and maintenance of real estate and outdoor facilities to window cleaning or facility management. We are committed to providing competent and individual advice to our customers. You can count on our cleaning company. We guarantee freshness and shine at a fair price.

Our offers-favorable and customer-oriented.

You can rely on our cleaning institute. We set new standards in areas of hygiene and quality. Especially in the maintenance cleaning, the ongoing cleaning service in the offices, we are innovative and customer-oriented. We will be happy to prepare you for all our cleaning Indivuduelle and free offer.

Not just a cleaning institute!

The best choice, no matter if you are cleaning Zurich, basic cleaning or concierge service, we are the right place for you!

Within the maintenance cleaning or in general cleaning of companies, our own developed control system is the best solution. Ask for our app-Professional cleaning services. House Maintenance-maintain real estate from inside and outside. Here, a large number of caretaker professionals are available for our clients.
Support, security and postal Service or facility management

Use other services and customer support services such as: reception, postal Service, security and technical service.

Our facility service as a solution for your company with the necessary know-how.

The cleaning company with awards and certifications in the cleaning of buildings.

Choose us, we are your real partner for professional services. Lots of experience and routine.

Service provider with know-how in Reinraumreingung. Request a free quote now-call us!

Your competent partner for façade cleaning, industrial cleaning or house maintenance. We offer our clients routine, clean thoroughly and work professionally.

Reine Profis Verband Mitglied

mr. clean AG Quality 2022

The Nr. 1 for cleaning and caretaker service

Our Cleaning Institute is ISO 9001 and ISO 1400 certified.

Environment & Quality Management-more about us

Cleaning company with ISO certification cleaning companies ISO for flat cleaning with delivery guarantee Cleaning company Very good

Büroreinigung durch Reinigungsfirma Zürich
Reinigungsfirma Zürich Autos für Umzugsreinigung Zürich
Reinigungsfirma beim reinigen Poliklinik Reinigungsunternehmen
Reinigungsfirma mit besten Preis für Endreinigung

Final cleaning

With soon 6000, we have a lot of experience. We clean your old apartment with acceptance guarantee and take care of the delivery of the cleaning. You can take care of the new apartment at this time. We guarantee a smooth acceptance of the cleaning of the apartment with acceptance guarantee from the landlord. With us your removal cleaning is safe and with a top price. After a short visit, you will receive your offer for the removal cleaning with acceptance guarantee in the regions of Zurich for free. For final cleaning and apartment cleaning.

Reinigungfirma bie Unterhaltsreinigung Poliklinik Hygiene

Company cleaning

The company cleaning is carried out 1-7 times a week and is used to eliminate the currently created pollution. The frequency is determined by the size of the objects and use. The duties related to company cleaning such as cleaning of sanitary areas, waste disposal. A system and quality assurance as we offer it is advantageous here. Our professional cleaning company for the best cleanliness. Our team will be happy to develop this according to your wishes and budget. Free a non-binding offer, request a free quote?

Reinigungsfirma beim reinigen der Bank - die Reinigungsunternehmen

Office cleaning

For this service you need a competent real partner. We are reliable and our staff and team is the answer to our professional cleaning company. We offer best cleaning service. And thanks to our system you get a cheap solution. With the basic cleaning and window cleaning, every office is thoroughly cleaned. With us, you will have time to work on your core business and other things in the future. This way you can relieve your company with us. We would be happy to provide you with a free and non-binding offer for your account manager or team.

Hochhäuser Reinigungen von Reinigungsfirma Zürich

your caretaker

Weekly stair cleaning to complete basic cleaning or garden care, we do all the work around the facility service. We will free you from these duties and get the value of your property. Are the oil orders open? Does the lawn grow like wild? The surrender of empty or new apartment to new tenants. All cleaning and garden care is done on schedule. You don’t have to worry about us anymore. We will gladly take over this for you. Order your personal caretaker for your building. With us you have best facility service.

Your cleaning company nearby.

Reinigungsfirma für Unterhaltsreinigung Wohnungsreinigung
The main of our cleaning company is Zurich and we are also available all over Switzerland. Further locations of our cleaning company are Basel, Lucerne, Zug and Winterthur.
Leave the cleaning company’s staff to clean the windows or the final cleaning with a delivery guarantee.

Call by phone for the fastest and easiest contact or send a mail.

The cleaning company for demanding building cleaning and façade cleaning offers or cleaning of all kinds. Request a free offer-free quote now.

Bodenreinigung Grundreinigung durch Gebäudereinigung
Putzinstitut die Reinigungsfirma Zürich

Competent Cleaning company

Our Plaster Institute is active in the cleaning of our customers throughout the whole of German-speaking Switzerland. Zurich is the headquarters. The employees of our cleaning company are professionals in all kinds of cleaning. From the individual locations we serve the customers of our cleaning company optimally. Ask us for a free quote now.

Your first choice for cleaning, final cleaning with acceptance of the cleaning of the apartment and carpet cleaning. Our professional, clean working in the special cleaning or basic cleaning, you just have to test! Make a free and non-binding offer for cleaning in your company.

Our locations:

  • Zurich
  • Basel
  • Lucerne
  • Zug
  • Winterthur ZH
Professional cleaning from mr. clean AG

Are the references of our cleaning company important to you? Ask our cleaning company for the cleaning of our customers. Our Cleaning Institute is one of the big cleaning companies. With 650 professionals spread over five locations. From these locations we serve customers all over Switzerland. Customers in the area of maintenance cleaning and house maintenance receive best performance through our top sophisticated, self-developed quality system.

Our training system guarantees us the best specialist knowledge and top teams who are professionals in their field. Clean room cleaning, laboratory cleaning or hospital cleaning is one of our special competencies.

Removal Cleaning with handover guarantee

In the final cleaning after moving we are the No. 1 in the Zurich area. Reliable apartment cleaning with delivery guarantee! Already over 6000 cleaned Wohnunen by our cleaning company.

Customers of our cleaning company confirm at any time: every team in our cleaning company has been
Reliable and brings professional cleanliness.

With our cleaning company you are guaranteed to get a clean solution. Call now, thank you very much.

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Reliable cleaning company

You can always count on us!

Thorough cleaning work

We clean thoroughly and cleanly!

Certified cleaning company

We are ISO 9001 and 14001 certified.

The reliable cleaning company for cleaning services such as building cleaning, façade cleaning and window cleaning.

The No. 1 for Apartment cleaning with removal guarantee!

The prices for cleaning work are due to total collective which regulates the minimum wage, thus hourly rate building cleaning. With social benefits, vacations and other accessories let the cleaning work calculate. The experience, organization and good staff count now to calculate costs for the cleaning work. The hourly approaches also vary for special cleaning or basic cleaning.
Most of the offers are offered with a fixed price for the cleaning of the apartment. With this type of final cleaning after moving it is the right choice of the company. Is she holding the appointment too? Not everyone can eg. Carpet cleaning straightening or using the straightening products for sanitary installations? The cleaning with acceptance guarantee is obligatory. Offers without a delivery guarantee for customers are not recommended. You assume responsibility for this basic cleaning, carpet cleaning. Offers for final cleaning Zurich when moving are always free.
Are you looking for a place in the building cleaning? Would you like to start your future in a team and a company with prospects? See for more information directly under our Jobs page
A free offer or looking for vacancies? Contact us, thank you very much.