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In case of House maintenance Zurich, our house professionals is the solution

Looking for house maintenance? You wanted just the best? Our caretaker professionals are the perfect solution for the house maintenance of your property.
With our services from stair cleaning to complete house maintenance or facility service we offer everything from one source. With our caretaker professionals, the House maintenance or garden maintenance is your property and house technology best awarded. Individual and professional is our motto at the Mr. Clean House maintenance Zurich. Our caretaker professionals in Zurich take over all the work around the house. Faciltiy service, control functions of the devices and equipment, reliably pass on the necessary positions with our reporting system. Purely according to the motto – the best for your property

Our caretaker pros are ready for your house maintenance

Among the services our House maintenance company include are simple activities at the House technology. Repairs to door locks and faucets, the replacement of lamps, the maintenance of the property or the upkeep of the garden and garage. Our caretaker professionals are competently reliable and have the necessary specialist knowledge for house maintenance around buildings and garden maintenance.

From customized house maintenance to complete real estate support, you can choose from our portfolio as needed. Our staff of the various teams will be happy to assist you. is a simple weekly stair cleaning or a caretaker with EIDG. Looking for a professional ID? In the Zurich area we are one of the largest companies and look after, among other things, renowned and well-known properties such as the city of Zurich or pension funds or the BVK.

As a Switzerland-wide full facility service company we carry out house maintenance in the area of Zurich and region, Basel and Lucerne. The facility service includes tasks such as the acceptance of the apartments after changing tenants or the removal of the cleaning.

Our House maintenance Zurich – your caretaker – takes care of your property every day with the best technical knowledge. Whether it’s for the object of a full-service caretaker, or just the object support of our – Flying House Pros Zurich

  • Regular care by our caretaker professionals
  • Professional and reliable management

The maintenance, upkeep and cleaning of the building services are terminated in different plans. The execution is done according to the schedule and of course reports. Often a tenant contact is also desired and thus an important part of this scheduling. The garden care is exactly coordinated with you, which works in the garden you want to run from us. Tree cuts and plantings organizes our team on request and picks up the offers and check the quality.

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House maintenance from the janitor Zurich the janitor professionals
Janitor Zurich the best maintenance porfis
Carpark Hauswartung Zurich the janitor professionals

Looking for a caretaker? Try our House Pros

The House maintenances we maintain are at the best level and the professional performance shows up again in the quality. Ask for our references. Our caretaker professionals take care of your real estate with commitment and full dedication. The team technical service of Mr. Clean is just the thing for the management in your building. Minor repairs are done immediately. The house technology is checked for every use. Our technical service sees the necessary need for action thanks to our expert knowledge. Quality from the outset.
As an owner or administrator, your property is in the best hands.

We offer all our home maintenance

  • Fast response time
  • 24h Telephone and Stand service
  • 100% rapport and report

Distributed across all of Zurich better with house maintenance company Mr. Clean AG

Distributed by our customers – Aufträg across all of Zurich and the surrounding area,

Our offer is also cheaper thanks to the reduction of the cost. Choose our House Maintenance company so that our
Caretakers are professionals for their property, home appliances and garden care to ensure the best quality.

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Especially popular is our package offer which we offer with all services including minor repairs.

In the flat rate you can pack the professional garden care and snow clearance.

House maintenance from janitor profi
Hauwart gesucht - Die Hauswartprofis

House Maintenance company Zurich the caretaker professionals

As a leading company in the field of professional house maintenance, we guarantee with our more than 20 years of proven offer. Quality for an extremely effective maintenance of house technology in the garden and around the house. Our technical service, special cleaners and gardeners as well as our customer support team in the Office are at your disposal. In emergencies during 365 days and around the clock.

Tasks of the House maintenance company such as lawn mowing, snow clearing, control of the technical equipment are no longer a burden. The professional work in the garden care or the technical service will delight you. We offer the best price/performance ratio in house maintenance. A short contact is sufficient, free of charge and without obligation.

House maintenance or only stair cleaning

Many of our properties we carry out a so-called staircase cleaning. With this smallest solution, the owner or administrator still has for a clean appearance for the tenants and does not have to award the stair cleaning to a resident. As soon as someone regularly performs the stair cleaning, the tenants feel already cared for and sucked themselves for a better condition.

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Our house were professionals sign up as soon as possible with you

We have optimised sustainability in all the premises we manage. For our customers in the facility service
Area, over 900 properties serve over a thousand apartments.
Our teams work daily at facility services in Zurich and the surrounding area for our customers.

To strengthen our team in facility service we are looking for the premises we manage employees.

Janitor wanted - The caretaking professionals at Hauswartung Zürich

Jobs and job vacancies at the House Maintenance Company

Looking for work as a caretaker? We are currently looking for a caretaker with EIDG. Professional ID in the Zurich area.
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