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Cleaning company Mr. Clean AG, the pearl under the swiss companies.

The Mr. Clean AG offers services in all kinds of cleaning and home maintenance with the highest quality seal. Are you looking for a professional cleaning company for maintenance cleaning, Office cleaning or window cleaning? With our facility management you have a real partner at your side.

The professional cleaning company with the best customer references.

Customers of our cleaning company would like to confirm that they have a real partner with us for all kinds of cleaning. From technical service, cleaning of public areas or cleaning of the area, parking garage service to security services. Everything is simple and flexible with a company, your real partner with the best service. Find a top cleaning company that:

  • Cleaning-Service reliable and delivers top quality
  • Immediate Response time provides
  • With measurable quality system
  • With motivated and committed employees
  • ISO 9001 and 14001 certified
  • You offer according to your needs created
  • In Zurich area, Basel, Lucerne, Zug

The Mr. Clean AG Cleaning company Zurich and home maintenance with other locations in Basel, Lucerne, Zug and Winterthur offers top quality and reliability. All these services are proven daily by our motivated and committed employees. The staff of our cleaning company clean thoroughly. We are a specialist company with awards and trains apprentices. ISO 9001 Quality Management certified. ISO 14001 environmental management certified. We are your real partner as a company when it comes to quality and cleanliness. We will be happy to provide you with a free quote. Free offer for office cleaning, maintenance cleaning, house maintenance or general building cleaning.

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All the cleaning-services of Mr. Clean AG are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified and offer the highest standard among the cleaning companies.


The cleaning company of cleaning companies Switzerland

For moving without stress-time for the new apartment.

For relocation and apartment cleaning with acceptance guarantee in the city and regions of Zurich we are your worries liberator. Get a free offer for moving cleaning with acceptance guarantee in the Zurich area. With our from sheet you can easily calculate the price for apartment cleaning with acceptance guarantee. You will receive a free quote with an estimation of the effort. Binding free offer with fixed price is available after a short visit. With our cleaning company you can download the acceptance guarantee for the cleaning of the apartment directly. So you have a written acceptance guarantee along with the time for the new apartment! As a professional Plastering Institute we offer total transparency and best care. All employees of our cleaning company are trained and supported. We train apprentices and are committed to our employees. With us as a partner you don’t have to worry about anything. The freshness and cleanliness is immediately noticeable. Short contact via email or direct call is sufficient for a free quote.

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Best teams among cleaning companies and home maintenance

Our teams – professionals are long-time employees and are considered the best among cleaning companies and home maintenance – they provide for the cleaning company Mr. Clean daily best work. We support our employees, schools and supervise them for professional cleaning.

Top motivated and dedicated cleaning staff are the most important for the daily exercise of building cleaning, office cleaning or house maintenance. The same is true for your employees, so cleanliness is important in your company. Choose us among the many cleaning companies and you will get the best solution no matter if Office cleaning or house maintenance. Your employees will appreciate this.

Mr. Clean AG is not an ordinary who occupied ISS or Plaster Institute for office cleaning or other cleaning. Mr. Clean AG cleans in the best houses. Our reference list goes from universities, brand names, municipal administrations, large corporations and also many smaller companies and businesses. Complete facility management, or the house maintenance carried out by us are just as representative. Ask for our reference list.

We are pleased to meet Mr. Clean AG your cleaning company

For facade cleaning, window cleaning, final cleaning when moving to Zurich and maintenance cleaning you will get everything from us. The cleaning of the removal with the acceptance guarantee is carried out by our special cleaners for a smooth delivery.

The staff of our cleaning company clean thoroughly and give the apartment to the landlord. The inhabited cleaning of the apartment is not part of our offer. Window agreement and construction cleaning with best teams and fast response time. Request a free quote now. Thank you very much, the cleaning company Zurich.

Customers of our cleaning company also benefit. You want more than just cleanliness for your office or business? For customers of our cleaning company we offer the most beautiful designer flower vases and pots as an ordering option. This service provides our customers with a convenient source of supply to beautify the reception, bistro or Customer zone. Inspire your customers or employees. Look in, if you like a product, you can simply order this product from us. You benefit from our discounts and receive a super offer. All these products are first class processed and of high quality. So we say thank you very much.
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Can we keep you clean?

We guarantee you a flawless work right now. Our QS system allows you to carry out the cleaning at any time. This is very simple and straightforward. In one step, you have not only controlled, but also sent to the responsible persons.

Also visit our direct pages to the cities or our professional services such as house maintenance and cleaning. Also for special cleaning or window cleaning up to the moving cleaning with acceptance guarantee in the city and regions of Zurich.

Are you looking for a professional cleaning company that is reliable?