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Removal cleaning in Zurich: competent and reliable help directly from the specialist

You are planning to move, would like to concentrate completely on your new home and still need a move cleaning at the old property or in the old apartment? Then we are your first point of contact in the Zurich area, because our apartment cleaning ensures that you can hand them over in perfect condition or that individual components are already moved cleanly.

Whether a stubborn oven cleaning or structured roller shutters, our experienced moving cleaning team adapts individually to the object and the tasks so that everything runs smoothly and you can concentrate fully on your new home and the upcoming move!

The written guarantee for the final cleaning of the apartment

Here you can directly download and print the guarantee for the safe acceptance of the apartment.

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Cleaning company mr. clean AG for safe, stress-free handover

For over 25 years we have been cleaning several apartments daily after moving in Zurich and the surrounding area. On bridle dates we clean many times more apartments in one day. With this volume, we created a whole department only for the removal cleaning. This department consists of:

  • Customer service / sales, (apartment inspection, offers)
  • Disposition (planning and scheduling of cleaning and teams)
  • Teams moving cleaning (which practically only clean apartments)
  • Delivery of the apartments (often by customer service or team leader)

In these over 20 years professionally accomplished removal cleaning of the enterprise, we could collect naturally also much experiences and co-operate meanwhile with most administrations and landlords closely. We receive approx. 30% of all removal cleaning directly from administrations. For this reason alone, we only have offers with an acceptance guarantee.

Removal cleaning Zurich only with acceptance guarantee

This is not simply an advertising slogan – you can also download this guarantee here directly as a pdf file. Of course this is only valid together with an order confirmation. The warranty conditions follow below or click on the Pdf lo

Insurance for the removal cleaning with delivery guarantee

If damage should actually occur, don’t worry:

mr. clean AG is insured with Basler Versicherungen for damage caused up to CHF 5 million.

You receive all this from us inclusive. Through the interaction of experience / expertise / availability / strong teams, we can provide you with a favorable or inexpensive offer.

Test us, offers are free of charge and non-binding.

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Garantie – Conditions pour le nettoyage du déménagement Zurich

1.1 Scope of application

1.1 These guarantee conditions apply to all cleaning services agreed upon by mr. clean AG for relocation, apartment cleaning for relocation.

The written date confirmation of mr. clean AG shall be deemed to have been agreed.

1.2 Insofar as these warranty conditions do not contain any other provisions, the general terms and conditions (“GTC”) of mr. clean AG shall apply to the services offered.

2. prices & services

2.1 Prices: The price offered by mr. clean AG applies. Service: Cleaning of the apartment incl. handover to administration / owner or new tenant.

2.2 Adherence to deadlines / practicability:

mr. clean AG undertakes to provide its services by the agreed date. If the cleaning day is postponed by the client, this must be communicated in good time. 10 to 1 day(s) before the fixed deadline

The following conditions apply to the execution date:

mr. clean AG: if the new execution date is not feasible, e.g. fully booked etc., mr. clean AG is not obliged to accept it.

Costs: The planning of such dates also includes, after a date confirmation, that mr. clean AG rejects further inquiries from interested parties as soon as all deployment teams have been planned. If the new execution date cannot be rescheduled, a cost compensation of 20% of the agreed sum shall come into force.

2.3 Service costs: Unless otherwise agreed, the inspection of the apartment, the offers – preparation for the customer free of charge. The agreed price includes all costs such as travel costs (outward and return journey), material costs, machine costs, personnel costs, etc.

2.4 Deadline:

mr. clean AG is present at the appointment and responsible for the work performed. As a rule, this appointment lasts a maximum of 1 hour. It is usual that the cleaning is checked first and should also be aimed at in the same way.

2.4 Defects:

If the service is found to be defective, mr. clean AG will bear the additional costs involved. Means, it organizes an immediate or shortly, a subsequent cleaning and a new delivery date with the landlord/owner and hands these over.

3. warranty

3.1 mr. clean AG does not commit any subcontractors or has or concludes any other agreements of any kind which impair the agreed performance.

3.2 Insurance: mr. clean AG is insured with Basler Versicherungen for damage to anaerobic work and personal injury.

3.3 Duration of the guarantee

Since new tenants usually move in after a removal cleaning, the guarantee expires immediately after the successfully delivered apartment. If defects should occur within 10 days after that, their fault is to be examined depending on the size of the damage/cost, this could be done e.g. by involving an approved expert.

4. further obligations on the part of the client/customer.

The customer commits himself to communicate all information to which he is aware which could affect the removal cleaning. This includes defects at the surfaces / equipment etc. further e.g. on the removal cleaning day no electricity or water is available; painters or other craftsmen are used.

The moving cleaning date must be agreed in such a way that the apartment is empty and “ready for cleaning” for the mr. clean AG team.

5. final provisions

5.1 Amendments, supplements or subsidiary agreements concerning these guarantee conditions must be made in writing.

6 Place of jurisdiction and applicable law

6.1 The contract is subject to Swiss law. The place of jurisdiction shall be Zurich. The mandatory places of jurisdiction shall remain reserved.

7. since the guarantee conditions (also this copy) are freely available,

e.g. download on the website, changes are only possible in the

Addable in this copy.

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