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Professional office Cleaning for clean offices with best Prices!

As a specialist for maintenance cleaning Göhrt The cleaning of the office premises is as much a service as window cleaning or building cleaning. Regular cleaning of the working tables, customer zones and sanitary facilities are obligatory for every successful company. Show your company the best thanks to our facility service.

Best Prices of optimal office cleaning

Our experience adapted to your requirements and budget, results in an individual service catalogue. We are committed to reliability and customer support. Our conscientious employees are constantly trained and tested. The regular optimization of maintenance cleaning by our cleaning company will bring you the quality. So we get a high standard in cleanliness. is the current cleaning company not doing its job satisfactorily?

Does the pleasant atmosphere in your office suffer? Wasting too much time with office cleaning or cleanliness? A team doing Gündlich cleaning? Choose us as your reliable partner for cleaning your offices, window cleaning or home maintenance. Our competent staff clean discreetly and conscientiously. Our awards and certificates such as iOS 9001 and ISO 14001 confirm our references.

Request a free offer of our services without obligation. We are your real partner for office cleaning in Zurich Winterthur and Schaffhausen. Our employees clean companies of all sizes. From small offices to large companies with over 3000 peoples, we provide our services daily.

We set the standard of hygiene. Our office maintenance cleaning guarantees you clean jobs! We clean your floors, sanitary facilities, tables, surfaces or windows, empty the trash cans, do smaller kitchen work. Carpet cleaning or evictions, all these are services and tasks of the cleaning company in Zurich. We are the company when it comes to reliable quality for tasks in cleaning.

Benefit from our fast service with motivated trained staff. We use only the latest cleaning products and cleaning equipment. We continue to protect the surfaces of your interiors with the best products. Without long contract binding we guarantee you a super service at favorable conditions.

Büroreinigung in der Bank von Reinigungsfirma
Die Büroreinigung von Reinigungsfirma
Büroreinigung professionell - office clean Zürich
Mitarbeiterin reinigt Boden bei Büroreinigung Basel

Professional cleaningcompany services at favorable conditions!

Thanks to experience and system you benefit from our office cleaning in the regions of Zurich, Basel, Lucerne

Leading with unique measurable control system

The quality of our work can be measured by our own developed control system.  You can run this control yourself at any time thanks to our app. We therefore allow ourselves and our customers a 1-100 scale evaluation of the performance performed.

Perfection with proof! With the best results!

Thoroughly clean-immediately capture and confirm. Real-time controllable performance of the cleaning company in Zurich and other cities. An audit in 5-10 minutes with a real value. Clean thoroughly with tested system! We don’t just promise, we’ll prove it. Quality that’s right. We will be happy to show you this in a personal conversation. We clean up uncomplicated and reliable.
iphone App für Qualitätssicherung Büroreinigung

Choose your area for office cleaning or building cleaning

To find out more about the office cleaning teams in your area or city, choose directly. For regions of Zurich and more: Jobs and more in office cleaning the vacancies. Current vacancies for office cleaning in Zurich are:

  • ZURICH 2-3 hours Evening Cleaning
  • St. Gallen 3 hours Morning cleaning
  • Full-time work in facility service and home maintenance

Please Bewerungsunterlagen for office cleaning jobs at the main address Mr. Clean AG Cleaning company Zurich.

The site is planned to be located in St. Gallen and Bern.

In Basel

In Basel we are at the inner Margarethenstrasse 5. In the middle of Basel we are quickly with you and bring you cleanliness.

In Lucern

In Lucerne we are at the Hertensteinstrasse 54. From the heart of Lucerne we work also to HORW or kriens, no matter where we are ready for use.

In Zug

In Zug we are at the Baarerstrasse 135. Here we work in a mix with Zurich and Lucerne. Our team of Zug is looking forward to it.

In Zurich

In Zurich is our main branch. The office cleaning Zurich and the surrounding area the best choice. Office cleaning in Zurich for top quality and clean offices.