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Let it be cleaned instead of cleaning

Many appreciate the removal cleaning as a simple work. Once started to clean, it quickly becomes clear how time consuming and difficult this is. Inexperienced ones quickly also make tactical mistakes and they lack the expertise in addition to the right machines and products. According to estimates, inexperienced persons need three times as long to clean an apartment from professional cleaning companies. Get a cheap quote from us, we have the best prices and guarantee a smooth process.

Flat rate at no extra cost

After a short visit you will receive the following:

  • Flat rate for removal cleaning-no additional costs
  • Moving Cleaning with acceptance guarantee – we are at the handover
  • You are insured and have a written execution guarantee
  • With the procurement the topic cleaning is done for you

Keeping deadlines for apartment cleaning

When placing an order, you will receive a written confirmation of the date of the cleaning. We have been performing removals for more than 20 years every day we are one of the most experienced and well-known in the Zurich area.

Present at the handover

The cleaning of the removal with acceptance guarantee takes place at 100%. Mr. Clean will be present at the handover and will hand over the cleaning to the landlord, administrator or owner. We take responsibility for cleaning. There are no additional costs for you. We are in Zurich and region with the removal cleaning.

Final cleaning apartment

What exactly is the final cleaning? Why does a tenant have to perform a final cleaning when moving? What to consider?

Best relocation cleaning offer

The necessary cleaning for a successful acceptance, we see quickly during a visit and can estimate the time required by our experience very well. Call our cleaning company best for a visit. Free and without obligation.

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