Moving cleaning Zurich with safe hand over guarantee 

Removal cleaning with hand over guarantee

The professional removal cleaning Zurich and region with apartment acceptance.

With over 7500 purified houses and apartments in Zurich, we are your best partner for moving cleaning with a delivery guarantee. 

Select Mr. Clean AG in Zurich, and your final cleaning when moving is in the best of hands – for this we guarantee with our name and top service. You will receive the acceptance guarantee in written form. Is the final cleaning of the old apartment still on, and you are still looking for a reliable moving cleaning company with top service in the cleaning?

Are you looking for a safe, professional and inexpensive removal cleaning?

We offer the perfect removal cleaning for apartments! Also the acceptance guarantee of the final cleaning with delivery to the landlord or tenant belongs to the removal cleaning. Choose our all Inclusive final cleaning service package. Make a free quote now. With our cleaning institute you can have your house or apartment cleaned and put on schedule. We will gladly take over the cumbersome removal cleaning for you.

Leave this to us and do more important things. There’s better. Use the time gained to set up the new home address. It’s fun and much less tiring. In Zurich, most administrations know us our services. These administrations in Zurich have received our services through several positively clean and thoroughly cleaned apartments after moving. Therefore you should ask your landlord for the reference from us.

Trouble-free moving cleaning zurich cheap and with insurance!

To know positively: the removal cleaning is insured in case of damage to us! In addition to certifications and experience, the final cleaning insurance is included in the price of all removals.

Our teams clean your old apartment thoroughly and cleanly. As a partner for professional cleaning service and building service, your final cleaning will be clean on time for the delivery date. We know what to look for. With our presence at the landlord’s disposal you do not have to worry about the final agreement. In addition to our guarantee, our services are for the highest quality and we vouch for the cleaning of your apartment with our names. Of course we will provide you with a free and non-binding offer-individual offers for cleaning with acceptance guarantee in Zurich.

Present at the acceptance after the removal cleaning. Do not worry about the final cleaning. In our offer is always apartment cleaning with anschgliessend personal presence at the delivery. In case of a post-cleaning in the form of complaints, we clean them at no additional cost and pass them on to the tenant.

Apartment Cleaning Zurich

Cleaning the apartment without professional cleaning agents and machines? With us at your side, you do the apartment delivery without any problems. Trust us, the competent company also for house maintenance.

For removal cleaning costs in CHF or final cleaning Zurich

Removal cleaning Zurich apartment cleaning best price

Moving cleaning with acceptance guarantee in Zurich

With acceptance guarantee ink. lid clean thoroughly
Removal cleaning Zurich Teams Carpark acceptance guarantee
Empty apartment Zurich prices with acceptance guarantee

100% SAFE and Service

Makes the handover of the apartment easy

The guarantee directly for printing

Cheap moving cleaning service with acceptance guarantee – the safe removal of Zurich and the handover of the apartment with acceptance. Your top service team for maintenance cleaning and the cleaning of your final cleaning Zurich with removal.

Commercial Register AMT Zürich our company No. Che-112,457,602-for your moving cleaning, choose the safe, stable and reliable company as your partner.

Cleaning the apartment clean without professional cleaning agents and machines? With our removal cleaning, you can easily complete the apartment delivery. Trust us, the competent company for the apartment cleaning Zurich and region.

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Room kitchen, parquet or laminate - roller shutters, blinds for window cleanin

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Professional Removal cleaning with awards

We have several certificates including ISO: 9001 and 14001

(Quality Management & environmental management) Window Cleaning-Special cleaning-cleaning

ISO 9001 - Cleaning company winterthur
ISO Umwelt - für Putzfrau Zürich

Removal Cleaning: Clean the apartment yourself or get professional help?

Thanks to a fixed price, our customers are safe and no hidden costs are incurred!

Without hidden costs at fair prices including acceptance guarantee in Zurich, the apartment is thoroughly cleaned with professional help.

Select a tour date (5-10 min) for a free quote now

How much does the final cleaning apartment cost? Best prices in CHF and a unverbingliches offer for final cleaning. Our customers receive this and other cleaning services from us. Our teams with many years of experience guarantee super service for cleaning and ensure a smooth process. We are your competent partner for moving cleaning. Choose our company for best cleaning. We will be happy to take care of your cleaning and delivery. We ensure smooth service and gentle operation.

Not just a plastering institute! We are your partner for final cleaning with delivery or general cleaning

Final cleaning with fixed price

Great experience! With soon 6000 carried out removals and final cleaning, our professionals are experienced and recorded. Your final cleaning without stress. Gündlich and clean The basement is also cleaned.

secure hand over

About us is a removal cleaning always safe and with guarantee? We clean and then take over the handover of the apartment. Your reliable partner for small and large apartments. Give us a call!

Zurich and region

With our company you have a carefree package for moving cleaning or building cleaning and you do not have to pay any additional costs (+ 0 CHF principle). Thorough and safe final cleaning with our service teams.

Our time planner when moving

3-4 months before the move and cleaning apartment

  1. Have you received and signed the rental agreement?
  2. Has the old apartment been terminated by the administration in due time?
  3. Scheduling with the landlord (old and new) for the move plan
  4. Let the employer give you holiday days

Planning move

  • Moving company and removal cleaning offer with fix prices.
  • Compare what costs a cleaning for your X room apartment
  • Measuring the new apartment, house/room for curtains, carpets
  • Furniture order incl. Delivery to the new house or apartment
  • In children always inform the schools old and choose New
  • Organizing packaging materials
  • For quotation request possible stubborn contamination.
  • Decide whether to clean the apartment yourself or to make a professional cleaning
Four weeks before moving cleaning


  • Carry out a clearing out, each room including screed, basement and garage
  • Repair defects at the rental property or else get professional help
  • Clarify whether floors like parquet laminate require special treatment
  • Clarify what man has to clean out of the apartment, too
  • Smaller painting or special walls must be cleaned
  • If the equipment is correct, the technical maintenance has been carried out
  • is the washbasin and shower tray scratched? Are outlets still completely?
  • Toilet seat may be replaced or the glasses and lid cleaned thoroughly
  • Log off the Internet and phone. (Specify move date)
  • Orient the Zurich power plant to read the meter
  • Report the change of address to the post with a forwarding request
  • For furniture storage, book the place online or go directly to the clearing out
  • If you have a maid for maintenance cleaning, apply your basic cleaning
Two weeks before moving cleaning


  • Order crates and packing material
  • Pack all unnecessary early
  • Write full cartons by room
  • Fill wall holes with plaster
  • Control roller shutters and blinds
  • Select and fix the acceptance date with the landlord
  • Let the appointment with reins and the final cleaning firm confirm
  • Check all keys according to last acceptance protocol
  • If you lose, you can get a copy from the landlord or offer
  • Book online for pet, place or sitting
24 hours before the Umzgusreinigung


  • Kitchen the fridge defrost-leave open for removal cleaning. -Only then can you clean thoroughly
  • Remove curtains and carpet rolls, tie
  • Retell Stubborn pollution
  • Curb sensitive items yourself or pack extra good
  • Plants no longer give water, should only be slightly moist
  • Open walls for painting work
  • Organize small children and pets
  • Address of all room apartment in the new apartment for moving company
  • Wooden floors require a special for wood products mild soapy water otherwise clean with water and detergent only slightly moist
On the day of the final cleaning


  • Provide car parking for moving cleaning
  • Instruction and instruction moving companies (special items, room plan of new apartment)
  • Repeated control gear in all rooms screed and cellar
  • Accompany the reining company to the new apartment and provide information regarding the allocation of the boxes with the rooms
Old apartment and new home:

  • Open old apartment for removal cleaning
  • Perform the transfer (be sure to get copies of all the logs)
  • Enter Key Management
  • Get the Deposit
  • Control everything at the new place.

How much does the professional removal cleaning in Zurich or Aargau cost in CHF price?

Removal cleaning with acceptance guarantee without having visited the apartment is understandable way for both parties a high risk. With our questionnaire we can calculate a cost estimate in CHF, subject to the inspection. You will receive an individual fixed price after the short visit. This date is usually very short (5-10 min) and is the best starting point for both parties for a successful service. In the price CHF the cleaning is included in Zurich and our presence at the acceptance.

What exactly does this mean? At the handover date, we are also involved in moving cleaning in Zurich and the surrounding area, and ensure a smooth process. If the cleaning is not accepted, the handover is also done in this case. The complaint is cleaned immediately and we take care of a new appointment with the administration. Your presence is not necessary at this.

This is done by us. Without hidden costs. This is how you can make your moving cleaning and apartment delivery easy!

When moving from home, office or house the first choice when it comes to cleaning work.
Often not only manpower, water and detergents are sufficient. Machines, equipment and technology with a lot of experience are available in the price. The WHO occupied ISS for final cleaning removal. We make your home cleaning without any problems with the professional cleaning.

Headquarters Cleaning company Zurich

Mr. Clean AG, two-road 45, 8004 Zurich, cleaning, window cleaning. For vacancies in cleaning continue to jobs.

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