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Welcome to our services as a professional building cleaning company in Switzerland. We offer all the classic services of a cleaning company. We are among the big cleaning companies on several locations in Switzerland. Despite the size, we are divided into several areas and act as a personal direct company for our customers. With us you get a direct correspondent.

Putzinstitut bei der Arbeit


Just nowadays a representative, clean office is of great importance. That’s where the office cleaning Mr. Clean with our skilled workers ruled perfectionism! We bring a lot of experience in office cleaning. Who knows – perhaps our Putzfeen of both sexes are already diligent in their surroundings? Choose us as your office cleaning and we promise best performance as a cleaning company.
Inklusive Abnahmegarantie Umzugsreinigung


Select the No. 1 in Zurich and surrounding area for cleaning when moving. We have been cleaning 5-7 apartments every day for over 20 years. Take advantage of this experience to also carry out your removal cleaning with a guarantee of acceptance without stress. At the handover we are of course present and ensure a smooth running of your removal cleaning at the landlord. So your donation is guaranteed with us.

Skyworker Lift am Fassandenreinigen


Cleaning instead of stroking and doing approx. Save 70%! We, the Mr. Clean façade cleaning, are a steadily growing company in the area of building cleaning and façade cleaning. Uncompromising quality orientation and constant innovation have made us grow into a strong player with an outstanding product image. The building cleaning company for the highest quality.

Spitalreinigung oder Reinraumreinigung durch Frau


Clean room cleaning is to be fulfilled according to strictly defined standards. Our trained cleaning staff takes care of the defined procedures and compliance with the usual industry and legal standards. Cleanrooms exist wherever dust particles are not only undesirable but are simply not tolerated for health and/or quality reasons.  It requires appropriate know-how, conforming work clothes, special cleaning equipment, and above all responsible and well-trained employees.
Hochhäuser Hauswartung Hauswart


Weekly staircase cleaning up to the complete management we do all the work around the facility service. We understand that it is best to free you as the owner of these works and ensure the best preservation of your property. In house maintenance, we take care of your building in a forward-looking way and thus also ensure financial savings. As a house maintenance company (Hauswartsfirma) your building is well cared for by us, promised.

der Unterhalt bei einer Fitnesscenterreinigung


Maintenance cleaning means regular cleaning services according to specified intervals. Environmentally friendly and according to the highest hygiene standards we clean all relevant materials in our customers ‘ real estate. This includes the care and surface treatment of floor coverings, ceilings and walls as well as the efficient and thorough cleaning of heating and lighting fixtures, sanitary installations and objects of the room furnishings.
Zahnräder - Grundreinigung


The requirements for special cleaning are increasing, and the times when brooms and mops swept through factories are over. Since plants are now equipped with sensitive controls and units, the most modern methods are used in our special cleaning. In advance, not only the use of detergents is planned together with you, the cleaning is also so skillfully integrated into the running production processes that it does not impair the process.
Bauhelm - Schutzausrüstung bei der Baureinigung


A strong cleaning team!
Whether it be building cleaning or cleaning with special requirements, we are the right partner for your construction. We accompany you during the complete construction phase – according to your wishes from regular cleaning to Bauendreinigung. Our final cleaning includes all external and interior cleaning services.

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As a professional building cleaning company we are convinced to offer you the best performance at fair prices.

Receptionist, security or technical service 

Special services such as staff hire for technical service or receptionist. Speak directly to our customer service.