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The office cleaning Lucerne a class in itself. An office cleaning is quickly organized in a small office with a cleaning lady and usually works too. But what does it look like when your cleaning lady is on vacation or sick? In the case of larger offices, in addition to the other organisation, an overview is always required, thus usually also an additional competent person. This post of office cleaning Lucerne requires professional expertise and planning. The costs will rise quickly. This is Mr. Clean AG with unbeatable prices the right cleaning company.

We clean from small offices to large with over a thousand employees. Small law firms or, for example, the PHZ building of the University of Lucerne right next to the station. The planning and management of such teams includes experience and a lot of specialist knowledge. Professional Office Cleaning, no problem for us.

Lots of experience in office cleaning and maintenance

We are among the larger cleaning companies in Switzerland, but differ greatly from our quality and care. We are young, innovative and work out the best and most cost-effective solution for every customer. We are the Reinigungsunernehmen with the unbeatable prices thanks sophisticated system and tailor-made offers.

Even with office cleaning, different services are sometimes less often necessary, while others are faster and more feasible. Can newer methods be used? We Unterhaltsreingung the right way, much can be saved in the Grundreingung. Take advantage of all the advantages that we can offer you free of charge.

Are you looking for a reliable cleaning company? Request your tailor-made offer with unbeatable prices for office cleaning in Lucerne and surroundings.

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Mr. Clean AG Office Cleaning
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Office cleaning in the heart of Lucerne

Our office in Lucerne is very centrally located. This means that we are in a very short time to place. Thanks to almost completely administrative relief from the main office, the Lucerne team works mainly in customer service. This gives you the best care and the highest quality with constant improvement.

Office Cleaning Lucerne for Sustainability

Mr. Clean AG is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified. We are also happy to develop a program for you by increasing sustainability. And in most cases, this is also cheaper.

Jobs in Lucerne wanted for evening cleaning? Contact us directly via mail.

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